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"There's a place that has always been there, but when it's gone, where do all our memories go?"

This film is dedicated to the house that has anchored a home for my family for over 30 years: Chang Chun, my grandmother’s house. Just like the fate of several old buildings in Taipei, she will be demolished by the end of this year.

Through interviews, buried memories float up, stories are formed, realities are blent, Chang Chun is brought back to life to her earliest days; perhaps inaccurate, but it's the subjective reality that stayed with us, making it our living truth.

Through collaborative family efforts, we explore the discrepancy between each other's memories, the
challenges surrounding urban renewal, the concept of ephemerality, and most importantly
deeply engraved family experiences and emotions in the house. At the end, the family gives their most sincere thanks and wishes to the house that has provided them a home for over 30 years.

If this house was a person, this film would be her farewell ceremony that preserves her last visage in this chapter of her life.


三十多年來守護著四代人的老房子「長春」,曾經搭載家人的歡笑 與傷感,刻劃生命中的踏實。



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FINALIST for Taiwan Pitch Fund supported by the Ministry of Culture Taiwan &  STUDENT FINALIST for the Inaugural SONY Future Filmmaker Awards

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