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"D̶E̶P̶R̶E̶S̶S̶I̶O̶N̶ " Officially Selected for MAX3MIN Film Fest!

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

"D̶E̶P̶R̶E̶S̶S̶I̶O̶N̶" is a short stop-motion film animated with plasticine and voice-overed by individuals who have experienced depression (voices sourced from "Depression Understood" by the BBC THREE).

Through this project, I wanted to experiment plasticine as a material, it's behaviors and attitudes; it's strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, I also wanted to convert words into semi-abstracted visuals and convey the speakers emotions with each push and pull of this material. Through each motion, creating meaning, experiences, emotions, and years of struggles people with depression going through.

Last week I had the honor to have my short film "D̶E̶P̶R̶E̶S̶S̶I̶O̶N̶" officially selected and screened at the max3min Film Festival. Big thanks to all the organizers, juries, and filmmakers for such a wonderful experience! Hopefully, this will raise more awareness to the issues surrounding mental health and encourage people to speak more about it.

Watch Here!


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