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"Rulin Semillero de Fe. RuLin means forest in Chinese. Semillero de Fe means “seedbeds of faith” in Spanish. That is our vision—growing a forest from seedbeds of faith.

We believe that if we plant a little seed, the seed will grow to become tress, and when multiplied, it will become a forest. This is synonymous to investing in education. Individuals who acquire appropriate education and skill training can change themselves, which can potentially improve their family, which then impacts their whole community.

We are currently planting seeds all over the world— in Honduras, Taiwan, Nepal—supporting projects and organizations that help provide opportunities and services to the underserved, children, women, and people with disabilities. We want them to live a full life and reach their potentials. What is considered an opportunity can be different depending on one’s circumstances, so we plant seeds of education, seeds of job training, and seeds to solve food insecurity.

RuLin Semillero De Fe; though we are just starting, we can already see the forest growing."

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