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D̶E̶P̶R̶E̶S̶S̶I̶O̶N̶ is a short stop-motion film animated with plasticine and voice-overed by individuals who have experienced depression (voices sourced from "Depression Understood" by the BBC THREE). Through this project, I wanted to use stop-motion to illustrate and bring to life the voices of these individuals.


Depression can affect  a n y o n e , no matter one's gender or age. Nevertheless, it is stigmatized by our society. People avoid talking about it and if one does speak out, oftentimes they are neglected or even worse, discriminated. Through this animation, we hope to promote a better understanding about depression and end stigma.


Here, plasticine is not just a material for children’s play but a medium of expression conveyed through motion. Each push and pull of the substance forms movements that create meaning, experiences, and years of emotions; touching deeper into the semiotics of animation and stop motion.

Official Selection MAX3MIN Film Festival 2021

Screened at 2020 End of Sem Show  School of Art, Design & Media Auditorium, Nanyang Technological University

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